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A comprehensive, self-paced program to learn how to turn your gifts into a soulful business.

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Audrey Bongat
Audrey Bongat

I'm Audrey, 32, French but living in Auckland, New Zealand.

I’m an Intuitive Business Coach & Marketing Strategist.

I help creative & intuitive entrepreneurs build and grow their soul-driven business, generate hassle-free sales and connect with awesome clients while remaining 100% true to themselves. 🙂

Having evolved within a wide range of international companies (Louvre Museum, Philharmonie de Paris, advertising agencies…), I gathered a 12-year experience in on & offline marketing, blogging, webdesign, communication & promotion.

I support you all along your entrepreneurial journey to:

  • Discover the business ideas perfectly suited for you,
  • Create an authentic marketing strategy
  • Welcome success & abundance,
  • Make you feel energized, hopeful & motivated every morning,
  • Define exactly what steps to take in order to achieve your life and business goals

If you want to know more about me, check my LinkedIn profile and recommendations!

Want to know more about me & my Soul-Driven Lifestyle?

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Identify business ideas perfectly suited for you
  • Find out your ideal customers and build amazing relationships with them
  • Design a brand you're proud of and that your customers love
  • Design irresistible lead magnets
  • Grow your email list
  • Imagine soul-driven products & services that your customers will crave for
  • Create & optimize your website
  • Implement your social presence
  • Gather & plan dozens of content ideas
  • Create & launch your first offer


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What's included in the Foundation Pack?

Lifetime access to all 6 modules of the course

All the workbooks

Support and Feedback in our Facebook Group

(Value: $997)


Course Curriculum

Module 1 - Embark your customer on a journey
  • Step 1 : Define your IDEAL CUSTOMER (PDF Assignment)
  • Step 2a : Create your SURVEY (22-min Video Tutorial + Survey Assignment + Survey Sample)
  • Step 2b : Create a POST for your survey (14-min Video Tutorial + Facebook Assignment)
  • Step 2c : Create a CANVA GRAPHIC for your survey (5-min Video Tutorial + Canva Assignment)
  • Step 3 : Design your CUSTOMER JOURNEY (8-min video + PDF Assignment)
Module 2 - Design your authentic Brand
  • Step 4 : Find your PERSONAL VIBE (10-min visualisation + PDF Assignment)
  • Step 5 : Define your BRAND FOUNDATIONS (16-min video + PDF Assignment & Checklist)
  • Step 6 : Create your BRAND GUIDELINE (3-min video tutorial + PDF Assignment)
Module 3 - Build a powerful Website
  • Step 7 : Create your WEBSITE STRUCTURE (Assignment)
  • Step 8 : Create the BLUEPRINT of your PAGES (PDF Assignment + Checklist)
  • Step 9 : Prepare your CONTENT (Assignment)
  • Step 10 : Create your PAGES (Assignment)
Module 4 - Grow your email list
  • Step 11 : Create your LEADMAGNET (Assignment + PDF "Ideas for Leadmagnets")
  • Step 12 : Create your leadmagnet LANDING PAGE (2x 8-min videos + Optional Assignment)
  • Step 13 : Create your leadmagnet THANK YOU PAGE (Assignment)
  • Step 14 : Set up your LEADMAGNET EMAIL SEQUENCE (7-min video Tutorial + 15-min video tutorial + Assignment)
Module 5 - Craft a kick-ass blog
  • Step 15 : PLAN your content (PDF Blog post ideas + Planner Assignment)
  • Step 16 : OPTIMIZE your content (19-min video + SEO Checklist)
  • Step 17 : Implement CONTENT UPGRADES (Assignment)
  • Step 18 : Boost your traffic with a PINTEREST graphic (Assignment)
Module 6 - Create your irresistible offer
  • Step 19 : Craft your OFFER (21-min video + Offer ideas list PDF)
  • Step 20 : TEST your offer (Mandatory step if you want to be sure your product will sell!)
  • Step 21 : Create your SALES PAGE (2 x 9-min Videos + Assignment)
  • Step 22 : Create your THANK YOU PAGE & THANK YOU EMAIL (Assignment)
  • Step 23 : Use PAYPAL & ZAPIER to complete your sales process (5-min Paypal tutorial + 7-min Zapier tutorial + Assignment)

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Check out my bonuses!

When you sign up for the Soul-Driven Marketing // Foundation Pack, you get unlimited access to the Soul-Driven Marketing // Foundations course, all the workbooks, videos & tutorials, access to the private Facebook group, and all the bonuses including...
Unlimited access to all the updates of the courses
I update the courses regularly to make sure you always get the latest, more accurate info and you will get access to every update I make.
Free access to "The Business Idea Explorer" course
(value: $197)
A 7-day course to find, explore & test your business ideas!
At the end of the 7 days, you will get:
  • A list of soul-driven business ideas ready to be tested out!
  • A vision of your life purpose
  • An accurate profile of your ideal customers
  • Tons of ideas for blog posts, products, services, freebies...
  • A new circle of wonderful biz friends to share your entrepreneurial journey with.
  • A list of relevant FB Groups to promote your future soul-driven biz
  • The confirmation that your business idea is going to work (or not)!
Access to my affiliate program
When you become a student of the Soul-Driven Marketing course, you also get the opportunity to become an affiliate of the course.

It means that you will get a unique affiliate link and every sales made through your unique link will generate a 40% commission for you!

Let's say you promote this course to your email list
and 3 new students join us in the course using your unique affiliate link.
You get 40% on each sale made through your link.

You will get:
3 x $397 (usual price of the course) x 40% (your commission)
= $476 in affiliate commissions

You can cover your Foundation Pack investment with just 3 sales!
After that, each sale you'll make through your link will generate free money in your pocket!

Awesome, right!?

This course is for you if...

  • You are craving for freedom & desperately want to create your business.
  • You want to turn your passion into a profitable yet soul-driven business!
  • Your business is related to the creative, intuitive or spiritual arts.
  • You are not afraid to explore your spiritual Self & connect with your soul on a deep level.
  • You are willing to get out of your comfort zone to achieve the success you deserve.
  • You are not scared to take full responsibility for your life!
  • You are a positive, open-minded & compassionate being who sees beauty in small things.

Kind words from my students #3

"I am beyond grateful that I got in contact with Audrey.
I shared fears and hopes, tears and laughter, with her, as she helped me get clear with both my life and business goals.
She made me realise I can create anything that I wish for and so I have done. I felt so empowered, the life of our dreams is ours if we just set the intention. She is truly a blessing.
Sincerely, thank you Audrey!"

Monika Mäkitalo,
Ambassador of Gentle & Pleasant Yoga,


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Frequently Asked Questions

When do I get access to the courses?
You get instant access to The Soul-Driven Marketing course, the Business Idea Explorer course and the Facebook group. I'll start giving you feedback immediately on assignments so no need to wait.
Will I really get access for life?
Absolutely! If you decide to join today, you will have access to the Soul-Driven Marketing course and the Business Idea Explorer course for life!!
How long will it take to finish the course?
As this pack is entirely self-paced, it's really gonna be up to you. Some people finish the pack in 10 days, others in 10 weeks. You set up the pace according to your own goals. :)
How does the affiliate program work?
After you join my affiliate program inside the course (there's a specific module inside the course for that :D), you will be given a unique referral link to promote the course on your web pages & promotion channels. You’ll be receive a 40% commission for every course purchased through your unique affiliate link. That means that if someone buys the Soul-Driven Marketing // Foundation Pack at its regular price (=$397), you will receive 40% x $397 = $159 Awesome, right?
What is the refund policy?
You have 30 days to request a refund. You will only qualify for a refund if: 1. You have completed ALL the assignments of the Business Idea Explorer course and EVERY assignment in the first three modules of The Soul-Driven Marketing Course. 2. You have submitted each assignment to me via the Facebook groups, and tagged me. You're not qualified to get a refund if you just don't try, change your mind or simply give up. You have to do the assignments, ask for my help, and implement the feedback with proof of that. Cause guess what? Success is not within your comfort zone!